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Amazing Tongue Twisters 1.0

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About This Course

This is Tongue Twister pronunciation! Are you ready for a workout? If you can say these tongue twisters clearly, it will help you be able to pronounce many other difficult things in English.

Do 1 tongue twister per day. This is just like exercising any other muscles. If your mouth starts to hurt it's because your are using new muscles. Take a little time to rest then do it again. Be sure to listen and repeat ALL audio practice every chance you get. In time, your speaking ability and confidence will improve!


This is the English only version of our Amazing Tongue Twisters program. This program is suited for those at a Pre-Intermediate English level and above.

Course Staff

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Mike Manley - Chief Amazing Officer (CAO) at Amazing English

Mike grew up in Southern California, and received a bachelor's degree in Psychology and has more than 12 years of experience teaching English in Taiwan, China, and Vietnam. His main passion is pronunciation, and has dedicated many years teaching private speaking classes mostly for medical professionals and their children.